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Projet Point Final

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Date added June 27, 2017
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Category 2017 CARSP XXVII Toronto
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 5A
Author/Auteur Kim Miller
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice
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"Projet Point Final is a non profit organization located in Montreal, Quebec. Our organization began its mission in 1988 in partnership with the Montreal Municipal Court as an alternative sentencing measure for repeat offenders, in lieu of incarceration. Our mission statement is ""To educate and promote awareness to end impaired driving recidivism""

To deliver a strong message, to inform and to educate those within our community who remain perilously uninformed concerning the widespread consequences of being in possession of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both. Out target group is the accused. In 2012 revised our program to offer first offenders over 160mg, a chance to participate in exchange for a negotiated sentence. Our program incorporates weekly meetings in our offices along with weekly attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, monitored by us. Our minimum program length is 13 weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks for multi-repeat offenders. We have learned over the years that jail does not necessarily change a person for the better. "

Kim Miller