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Prescription medication and driving: informing consumers about the risk

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Tanya Smyth, Thomas G. Brown


Amid growing evidence for the impairing effects of certain prescription medicines on driving, warnings on medication packaging and public awareness campaigns are key components of risk communication strategies on this issue. Research evidence suggests that current labelling does not adequately communicate the extent of the medication and driving risk, and that there is a lack of information and public awareness initiatives to inform consumers. This is of concern given that the decision to drive rests with the consumer, and the ability to demonstrate that the driver was adequately informed about the risks is a crucial legal issue in impaired driving cases. Proposed is a review of selected diverse approaches to medication warnings about driving impairment and related public education information. The reviewed warning labels and risk communication strategies will be benchmarked with recently released guidelines for risk communication on this topic. Interviews with key informants from relevant health and transport agencies will be conducted to obtain information concerning policy development considerations. Important medico-legal implications for assessing impairment will be highlighted. The findings of the review will inform research priority setting, policy and risk communication strategy development in the area.

Tanya Smyth, Thomas G. Brown