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Piloting a Results-Based Road Safety Program

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The LEADRS Program (the “Program”) is a results-based road safety program for community teams. The Program applies successful safety techniques used on major industrial worksites for over twenty years to reduce workplace lost time incident rates to less than ten percent of prior values. The Program is in its second year of piloting (the “Pilot Program”) in Red Deer, Alberta, where it is being used in a positive feedback initiative for improving the safety of driving through signalized intersections.
Main features of the Pilot Program include observing vehicles exiting signalized intersections and recording data related to the use of safer driving techniques, evaluating the data with respect to minimum performance requirements, adding a sum of money to the Safer Driving Community Fund each week that the minimum performance requirements are met or exceeded, and distributing the earnings in the Fund every three months to selected community organizations whose members have an interest in driving safety.
Safer driving information and intersection observation results are communicated to the public through weekly articles in the local newspaper and through updates to the Program website.
Indicators of Pilot Program success are increases in the use of safer intersection driving techniques and associated quarterly growth of earnings in the Safer Driving Community Fund, and in the presence of Program identifiers on vehicles. Pilot Program success will be confirmed by the transitioning of the Program into its operating phase.

Doug Taylor