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Pedestrian Countdown Signal Impacts on Driver Red-Light Running Behaviour

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There is a general lack of understanding in the road safety industry regarding whether pedestrian countdown signals enhance or degrade driver red-light running behavior at traffic control signals. Pedestrian countdown signals were installed at traffic signals across the Region of Waterloo including at locations equipped with red-light cameras in 2013. This paper assesses pedestrian countdown signal impacts on driver red-light running behavior using available red-light camera infraction data. To enhance road safety industry knowledge regarding pedestrian countdown signal impact on driver red-light running behavior and to reduce the frequency of collisions caused by driver red-light running behavior at traffic control signals across Canada. Red-light camera infraction data was assessed before and after the installation of pedestrian countdown signals at a number of traffic control signals equipped with red-light cameras. The results were compared against red-light running infraction data at locations with pedestrian countdown signals over the entire study period. Based on the before/after comparative analysis of red-light camera infraction data to date, the installation of pedestrian countdown signals has resulted in a positive driver response and reduced driver red-light running infractions by approximately 30%. The paper will discuss the Region's rationale for installation of pedestrian countdown signals, industry concerns with pedestrian countdown signals, method of analysis, potential causes of red-light running behavior, collisions caused by red-light running, and other findings extracted from the red-light running infraction data. Based on the results of the analysis, pedestrian countdown signals may be used to mitigate red-light running driver behavior and could be used as a potential road safety countermeasure to mitigate angle collisions at traffic signals caused by red-light running.

Robert Henderson