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Pedestrian Challenges in Roadworks

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Date added June 28, 2017
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Category 2017 CARSP XXVII Toronto
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 6C
Author/Auteur Tim Cox
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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"Roadworks, utility work and other construction activity that closes sidewalks and intersections put pedestrians in a very unsafe situation. Without a secure alternative pathway, pedestrians will enter the street rather than terminate their trip. The OTM Book 7 published January 2014 describes how pedestrian routes through sidewalk closures are to be handled in Ontario. Part 6 of the 2009 Edition of the MUTCD describes how these routes are to be designed in the US. • Describe the current practice [policy?] in Ontario for guiding pedestrians through sidewalk closures.


*Describe the current practice in [policy?] the US for guiding pedestrians through sidewalk closures.
*Highlight successes and identify concerns of pedestrians and sidewalk closures.
*Identify areas of safe pedestrian access that require additional study.
*recommend a process for an agency to implement an accessible sidewalk closure program [policy?].

Target Group

*Policy makers at ministerial, city, town levels.
*Risk managers at agencies, utilities and contractors whose projects close sidewalks.
*Designers of projects that close sidewalks.
*Groups that encourage people to walk more to improve health.


Use a slide deck presentation that addresses the objectives. Present the information with a panel composed of subject matter experts from Ontario and the US.


*Understanding of the requirements of safe, accessible sidewalk construction
*Understanding of OTM-Book 7 and MUTCD part 6 as they relate to sidewalk construction
*A process to develop a policy on accessible sidewalk construction "

Tim Cox