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Ontario's Medical Review Program for Fitness to Drive

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Date added July 10, 2018
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Category 2018 CARSP XXVIII Victoria
Tags Research and Evaluation, Session 4B
Author/Auteur Ma, Hanna, Aljenabi, Elzohairy
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4B - Byrne - Med Rev


Driving is a complex task with cognitive, visual, and motor demands. Some medical conditions interfere with the ability to drive safely. In Ontario, physicians are required to report individuals who may be medically unfit to drive to the Medical Review (MR) program. The MR program aims to effectively and efficiently take action on driver fitness information in order to regulate driving privileges and protect road safety. We aim to measure and assess program processes and safety outcomes. Results will help to identify opportunities for program improvement and will serve as a baseline for measuring future program performance. Analyses will use data on all drivers referred to the program between January 2005 and August 2017. For each medical condition group, measures of central tendency and dispersion will be calculated to describe the duration of review and the collision rate per person-days will be computed to describe the safety risk that drivers may pose while under review. This rate will be compared to an equivalent sample from the general driving population. The collision experience of equivalent groups of drivers while under review will be compared to determine whether differences exist between those who are eventually suspended and those who are eventually approved. Safety events following licence suspension will also be examined. Analyses are ongoing. The Ministry of Transportation is presently modernizing the MR program. Results of this study will help to inform this initiative. The Medical Review Program has an important role in protecting road user safety.