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Analysis of Driver Behaviour and Collision Risks for Protected Freeway Entrance and Exit Ramps: Trajectories and Surrogate Safety Measures

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Category 2011 CMRSC XXI Halifax
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Author/Auteur Paul St-Aubin, Luis Miranda-Moreno, Nicolas Saunier
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Amanda Dean (L) and Paul St-Aubin (R)

Amanda Dean (L) and Paul St-Aubin (R)


This study presents a surrogate approach for safety analysis of freeway facilities using semi- automated trajectory collection and behavioural analysis from surrogate measures of safety (in particular time to collision). This methodology is proposed as a potential alternative to the classical approach based on historical accident data, particularly suited for evaluating the microscopic safety effects of highway treatments for which there is a lack of traffic and accident data. The proposed methodology is illustrated using as a small sample of freeway ramps from which videos were available as part of a safety study on one-way lane-change ban near urban freeway entrances and exits. Various methods of aggregating the data, spatially and temporally, are explored for road safety analysis.

Paul St-Aubin, Luis Miranda-Moreno, Nicolas Saunier