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Motorcycle Safety is Everyone's Responsibility

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Date added July 9, 2018
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Category 2018 CARSP XXVIII Victoria
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 2C
Author/Auteur Daub, Millier
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice
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2C - Daub


The Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada has always considered motorcycles to be a vulnerable road user. We Use the month of May to deliver key messaging pertaining to the top reasons for motorcycle crashes in Canada. (Excessive speed, Impairment by drugs and or alcohol, other road users turning into the motorcyclist's path, & distracted driving by both the motorcyclist as well as the other road user. Our objectives are to bring awareness that motorcycle safety is every road users responsibility and to ultimately change behaviour of both the motorcyclist as well as other road users to reduce motorcycle crashes. Every Road User In 2017 MCC hired a marketing company to create and help us deliver a stellar campaign. The program was focused in 2017 as a social media program, however, we were picked up by 4 sector printed publications. The program created printed and digital branding material that according to our social media statistics had a potential reach of 90.9 million. The campaign also made use of our newly developed website to have not only riders and passengers take a pledge, but also loved ones and road users at large. For the first year MCC considered the pledge a huge success. MCC is planning to continue our relationship with the marketing firm in an effort to continually evolve and grow our campaign. MCC worked with MP Davis Sweet to stand in the House of Commons and ask that all present recognize May as Motorcycle Awareness Month. With an arsenal of already available material, we will be able to invest more of our limited budget into delivering a more rounded program in 2018. It is our intention to enlist other motorcycle enthusiasts to join our campaign by attending most of the sector trade shows which take place in January and February, armed with tool-kits to make it easy for others to deliver the messaging to their followers.