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Modern Road Safety Management Hamilton, Ontario Experience

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Category 2009–CMRSC-XIX–Saskatoon
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Author/Auteur Michael E. Trickey, Hart Solomon, Margaret Parkhill


Developing strategic road safety plans is not new. Several Canadian cities have developed strategic safety plans, and all US states had developed state-wide plans by 2007. However, developing a strategic safety plan is only the beginning as the larger challenge with this type of initiative lies in its implementation, nurturing and institutionalization. This paper will discuss Hamilton’s journey from the original concept, through the building of senior leadership support, stakeholder recruitment, goal and priority setting, action plan development and implementation, finally to ongoing management.
Perhaps what is most unique about Hamilton’s strategic road safety program (HSRSP) is its focus on implementation and action, which resulted in a relatively short period of time to move from concept to action plan implementation. This paper will explore the positive work conditions and relationships that existed within Hamilton that enabled its safety stakeholders to develop, adopt and implement its strategic safety plan. Other municipalities may be able to apply some of the principles that worked in Hamilton to improve or develop their own successful programs, towards Canada’s Road Safety Vision 2010 and beyond.

Michael E. Trickey, Hart Solomon, Margaret Parkhill