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Macro-Level Collision Prediction Models for Evaluating Safety Benefits and Costs of the Highway-Related Projects

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The safety benefits or costs of any new transportation project should be considered in the feasibility evaluation of the project as recommended by Ministries of Transportation in the most of cost benefit analysis guidelines. This paper illustrates that the traditional collision rates that are typically employed for safety evaluation of highway projects are unreliable and it introduces non-linear Collision Prediction Models (CPMs) as successful replacements for collision rates. After reviewing the recommended methodology for developing such CPMs, a set of Macro CPMs for Highway 97 in the Okanagan Valley, BC is developed as a case study. The paper provides explanation on how to employ the developed CPMs to calculate the safety benefits or costs of any highway-related project in the Okanagan Valley.

Elham Boozarjomehri, Gordon Lovegrove