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Les usagers de cannabis et la prise de risque sur la route - Une etude sur simulateur de conduite

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Date added June 6, 2010
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Author/Auteur Julie Langlois, Jacques Bergeron


Cannabis use and driving under the influence of cannabis have become a growing concern in today’s society. The aim of the present study was to further examine the relationship between the use frequency of cannabis among young adults and on-road risk taking. Participants (n=48) were all men aged between 18 and 26 years old who were asked to complete questionnaires and to perform in a simulation task. Results indicate that the use frequency of cannabis is positively associated with self-report of risky driving and suggest a trend with observed risk taking behaviour during the simulation. When comparing the different cannabis user groups, participants who consumed daily or multiple times a week seem to take more risk on the road than those who use cannabis once a week or less and less than monthly. Implications for interventions are discussed.

Julie Langlois et Jacques Bergeron