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InSync - Safer roads and communities through real-time signal optimization

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Date added June 17, 2014
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Category 2014 CMRSC XXIV Vancouver
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 5C
Author/Auteur Steve Mager
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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5C Mager_InSync Adaptive Traffic Control Shows Initial Safety Benefits


Public Agencies all share a common goal - to increase safety on their roads.  A study that measures the effectiveness of an Adaptive Traffic Control solution would be important for the Public Agencies to reference as a mitigation tool for roadway safety.
The Safety paper endeavors to measure the effectiveness of Adaptive Traffic Control on reducing crashes and injuries, on improving safety and driver behavior, and on the economic benefit to the Public Agency and community.
Several independent studies were conducted that reviewed crash statistics before and after the deployment of the Adaptive Traffic Control solution.  The data was compiled for each study to determine the effect of the solution on different types of collisions.  The results were then displayed as both a reduction percentage by collision type as well an economic dollar benefit to the Public Agency.
Adaptive Traffic Control is shown to significantly reduce vehicle collisions and should be considered as a safety mitigation tool.
Discussion and conclusions
As mentioned, the research shows that Adaptive Traffic Control has a positive effect on roadway safety and driver behavior.  We plan to add to more independent studies, and will update the statistics on the existing studies when new data is available.

Steve Mager