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How to Establish an Effective Fleet Safety Management System

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Date added June 30, 2016
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Category 2016 CARSP XXVI Halifax
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Author/Auteur Paul Cormier
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3A - Cormier


It pays dividends for commercial carriers to invest in an effective fleet safety management system. More importantly, protecting the health and safety of employees and the motoring public will also help protect the carrier from possible company and personal liabilities resulting
from commercial truck incidents and accidents. Far too often, commercial carriers only provide limited training and sometimes driver evaluations and consider this to be an effective system for fleet safety. However, this approach may have carriers driving their fleet safety management system while looking in the rear view mirror. A solid plan and program will underpin an effective fleet safety management system that looks forward yet also recognizes the lessons learned in hindsight to improve overall commercial vehicle safety.  This informative session will be presented through the lens of a former commercial vehicle regulatory training officer with hands-on knowledge in all areas of fleet safety coupled with the experience of a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP)®. This blended safety experience will shed light on what an effective fleet safety management system should look like and how it can be successfully implemented into your day to day operations. This session will present a case study highlighting the importance of overall fleet safety management system performance including: What approach did we take? What worked and what worked well? What key elements and key metrics were developed? These positive results and solutions will be discussed and shared with conference participants.

Paul Cormier