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Head Restraint Positioning in Canada

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Author/Auteur Thomas D. Mahaffey, Ken MacAulay, Barry Wright


This research presents the results of a study of head restraint adjustment in seven Canadian provinces. The study was conducted using videotape footage of drivers (n = 7571) and passengers (n = 1090) taken during the summer of 2002. Head restraint positioning was captured on film and rated according to vertical and horizontal adjustment. Results show that 14% of drivers had their restraint in a good position. Another 32% had their restraints marginally positioned. Proper head restraint positioning was found to be dependent on region, sex and type of vehicle. Little differences were found with respect to type of head restraint or the age of the occupant. Passengers were significantly more likely to have their head restraint properly positioned, but this effect was largely attributable to sex differences.

Thomas D. Mahaffey, Ken MacAulay, Barry Wright