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Future of Roadside Drug Screening in Canada

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Date added June 30, 2016
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Category 2016 CARSP XXVI Halifax
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 5B
Author/Auteur Abe Verghis
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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5B - Verghis


Background/Context: Provide a current overview on current practices for roadside screening for drug impairment, challenges and pit falls. Discussions will also include practices in US States that currently have approved use of recreational drugs.

  • Provide a snapshot of Canadian legislation, US Legislation, summary of drug “per-se” laws in US.
  • Update on Canadian Society of Forensic Science – Drugs and Driving Committee, Criminal Code as it pertains to impaired driving

Aims/Objectives: Comparison between Drug testing and Alcohol testing

  • Discuss effects of drugs on driving
  • Discuss the different types of testing

Methods/Target Group: Law enforcement, Policy advocates, Treatment personnel

Results/Activities: Interactive presentation that should last about 30 mins


1. Recommendations to combat drugged driving:
2. Policy & Legislation (Short term & Long Term)
3. Enforcement changes (Short term & Long term)
4. Increasing awareness

Abe Verghis