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Fatality Risk of Crashes in the Rural Intersections of Alberta, Canada

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Author/Auteur Shamsunnahar Yasmin, Sabreena Anowar, Richard Tay


In this study, the logistic regression model was applied to investigate various factors that influenced the fatality risk of intersection crashes in rural areas of Alberta. The data used were police reported crashes from 2003 to 2005. The analysis found that accidents in rural intersections have a higher risk of being fatal if the crashes occurred during fall season, weekends or night times. Run-off road, head-on collisions and angular crashes were more likely to be fatal than other types of collision. However, fatality risk was lower if the intersections were properly lighted. Drivers aged 70 or above were identified as the most vulnerable road user group in terms of fatality risk. Also, our result showed that the types of intersections, surface condition, and types of vehicle had significant effects on the probability of fatality in rural intersection crashes.

Shamsunnahar Yasmin, Sabreena Anowar, Richard Tay