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Event Data Recorders in Toyota Vehicles

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Category 2011 CMRSC XXI Halifax
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Author/Auteur Jean-Louis Comeau, Dainius J. Dalmotas, Alan German


Increasingly, vehicle manufacturers are developing tools which allow access to data stored on on-board event data recorders (EDR). The information stored by such devices have the potential for providing levels of insight into crashes well beyond that achievable with conventional collision reconstruction techniques. The current work identifies the nature of the stored data that can be retrieved from the on-board event data recorders in Toyota vehicles, and evaluates the accuracy of the crash pulse data based on information obtained from frontal crash tests. An overview of the pre-crash and crash-pulse data provided by Toyota EDR's is presented. The accuracy of the crash-pulse data is explored from a series of staged collisions with EDR-equipped vehicles. Data downloaded from the EDR's are compared to equivalent information captured by laboratory instrumentation. Full-frontal crash tests, over a range of test speeds, and conducted on a number of different model vehicles, are used in the study.

Jean-Louis Comeau, Dainius J. Dalmotas, Alan German