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Evaluation of the Road Safety Audit Initiative on Alberta Highways

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Author/Auteur A.E. (Tony) Churchill, Muhammad Imran, Allan Lo


This paper describes how Alberta Transportation (AT) initiated a trial Road Safety Audit (RSA) program in 2004, and developed guidelines for implementation on selected projects. The program's key objective is to promote highway safety improvements by proactively identifying and addressing safety concerns during all facets of highway planning and construction, before the new facility is opened to the public. Since implementation, AT has performed a number of RSA, ranging from $8,000 to $50,000 each. In this paper, two very different example projects (one high-cost systems interchange project and one low-cost at grade intersection project) will be evaluated using Crash Modification Factors from the Highway Safety Manual to estimate what impacts if any resulted from performing the RSA. These preliminary attempts at an alternate method of evaluation may become more useful as the content is added to the Highway Safety Manual In conclusion, the authors will present potential next steps to improve upon the RSA guidelines for AT.

A.E. (Tony) Churchill, Muhammad Imran, Allan Lo