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Evaluation of the Pace Car Program

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Meghan P. Provost, Sarah Peddie


The Pace Car Program is a community-based initiative that aims to increase road safety by decreasing the operating speeds on roads. In this program, drivers voluntarily pledge to drive the speed limit, thus acting as "mobile speed bumps." However, the Pace Car Program has not been systematically evaluated to determine if it can affect the operating speed of roads. In this study, The Pace Car Program was evaluated in Bedford, Nova Scotia and Kanata, Ontario. In both regions, a community that was set to launch the Pace Car Program was identified as the target area, and a nearby community was identified as a control area. Speed data were collected on roads in the target and control areas for up to five weeks before and after the launch of the Pace Car Program. After the program launch, target area roads in Bedford had a slight decrease in average speed, whereas control area roads had a slight increase in average speed. In Kanata, no effect of the Pace Car Program was identified. Thus, the Pace Car Program did appear to influence traffic speed in Bedford, but not in Kanata. It is possible that more Pace Car drivers were required in Kanata to influence road speed in that location. Further research is required to determine the proportion of drivers in an area that need to act as Pace Car Drivers to influence road operating speed.

Meghan P. Provost, Sarah Peddie