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Emphasis Areas in Saskatoon’s Strategic Traffic Safety Action Plan

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Author/Auteur Mariniel Flores, Peter Y. Parkof, Angela Gardiner, Justine Nyen


A “Traffic Safety Action Plan” (TSAP) is a scientific, data-driven, four to five year comprehensive safety plan that is designed to identify a jurisdiction’s areas of safety concern (a.k.a., “emphasis areas”), establish target collision reduction goal(s), provide network screening results, and general countermeasures and strategies for each chosen emphasis area. Many jurisdictions have limited amount of resources that often result in a lack of implementation of safety initiatives to prevent collisions in various safety concerning areas. Therefore, it is important for jurisdictions to develop an upper-level policy statement, such as a TSAP, to help them allocate their resources to limited number of emphasis areas to maximize the benefits for safety investment and generate the greatest safety improvement. The objective of the paper is to describe the development, results to date and next steps of the development of a municipal-level TSAP for the City of Saskatoon. The study starts with an overview of Saskatoon’s collision history over a ten-year period (2001-2010). The selection of emphasis areas and the results of the stakeholder workshop will be discussed. The emphasis areas for the City of Saskatoon have been chosen. Network screening of the chosen emphasis areas is currently being conducted, and will be followed by the selection of countermeasures/strategies and target goals in the future. This paper outlines the steps taken to improve road safety in a municipal-level roadway network by the City of Saskatoon so far.

Mariniel Flores, Peter Y. Parkof, Angela Gardiner, Justine Nyen