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Effects of roadside memorials on driver behaviour and safety

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Author/Auteur A.E. Tony Churchill, Richard Tay, Robyn V. McGregor


This paper summarizes the collection and examination of data relating to the effects of roadside memorials to assist road authorities in the development of policy to improve road safety. Two aspects of the effects of roadside memorials are examined. First, the effects of roadside memorials on driver behaviour are examined in terms of driver speed and following distance changes after the placement of a memorial. Second, an analysis of collisions is undertaken at sites where traffic fatalities occurred, a memorial was placed, and sufficient collision data was available for analysis. The effects of the roadside memorial on speed and following distance were found to be negligible. Similarly, the effect on collision history was found to be neutral, with only one site showing a reduction in collisions of 8.7%. These findings suggest that roadside memorials are not detrimental to safety and may provide some benefits.

A.E. Tony Churchill, Richard Tay and Robyn V. McGregor