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Effects of a Feedback-Reward System on Headway Time

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Author/Auteur Maryam Merrikhpour, Birsen Donmez, Vittoria Battista


Rear-end crashes constitute approximately 30% of all crashes and drivers who maintain inappropriately short time headways are at a higher risk for this type of crash. One approach to help drivers maintain appropriate headway times is to use technology to monitor headway and provide drivers with feedback. This paper investigates the effects of a feedback-reward system on headway time. Data utilized in this research were collected from 37 participants (20 to 70 years old) through a field trial commissioned by Transport Canada. In this field trial, a feedback-reward system was investigated, which provided feedback and rewards to the drivers based on safe headway maintenance (?1.2 seconds) and speed limit compliance. The trial consisted of three phases: baseline (two weeks), intervention (twelve weeks), and post-intervention (two weeks). During the intervention phase, real-time feedback was provided on an in-vehicle display. Participants also accumulated reward points and could view related information on a special website. Results indicate that the intervention increased safe headway compliance rates by 10%. Further, during instances when the drivers were not within the safe headway time, headway time was larger in the intervention period compared to the baseline. Thus, intervention had a positive effect even when the drivers were not compliant. To a large degree, these benefits appeared to not persist in the post-intervention phase.

Maryam Merrikhpour, Birsen Donmez, Vittoria Battista