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Dynamically Dimensioned Search Parameter Calibration for Microscopic Traffic Simulation Models and their Effect on Measures of Safety Performance

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Category 2011 CMRSC XXI Halifax
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Author/Auteur David D.Q. Duong, Frank F. Saccomanno, Bruce R. Hellinga


The Pareto Archived Dynamically Dimensioned Search (PA-DDS) algorithm is introduced in this paper as a method to calibrate microscopic traffic simulation platforms. This algorithm was originally developed to calibrate hydrological rainfall/runoff microscopic simulation platforms. In this study, the algorithm is applied to the VISSIM traffic simulation platform to calibrated freeway driving behaviour. Data from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Next Generation Simulation (NG-SIM) is used. The following three objectives are used in the calibration: i) root- mean-squared-percentage-error (RMSPE) of speed, ii) RMSPE volume, and iii) RMSPE Crash Potential Index per vehicle (a surrogate safety performance metric). Four other experiments were also undertaken, and are: 1) single-criteria using RMSPE speed, 2) single-criteria using RMSPE volume, 3) single criteria using RMSPE CPI/vehicle, and 4) weighted summation (RMSPE speed + RMSPE volume + RMSPE CPI/vehicle). The case study demonstrates that the PA-DDS algorithm provides acceptable errors for all three objectives compared to the other methods.

David D.Q. Duong, Frank F. Saccomanno, Bruce R. Hellinga