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Driver-Vehicle Model for Safe Driving with Impaired Drivers

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Author/Auteur Thanh Phuc Le, Ion Stiharu


This investigation focuses on a driver model that can be suitable adjusted to perform the role of an impaired driver (especially an alcohol consumption-affected driver) who exhibits deterioration in driving skills in correlation with his level of impairment. The linear vehicle model providing lateral displacement and yaw is coupled with the driver model that is derived as an optimal preview control. The decrement of performance is modeled by decreasing parameters of the driver model such as the preview time and the reaction time. By comparing the standard deviation of the lateral position between the model and the real driver, the performance of the driver model impaired at blood alcohol concentrations of 0.05%, 0.08% and 0.11% is shown to deteriorate by 9%, 13% and 14% respectively. This paper represents an approach in quantifying the influence of alcohol consumption to driving as most of the previous work performed quality performance analysis.

Thanh Phuc Le, Ion Stiharu