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Drag Factor Values from Dynamic Lateral Tumbles

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Author/Auteur Chris Romanchych, David Domoney


This paper presents the results of 45 dynamic rollover tests that were conducted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Terrace, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. The research began in 2009 (14 tests) and was continued in 2010 (31 tests). The test vehicles were placed on an adjustable tilt ramp that was mounted to the front of a tow truck. The tow truck accelerated the ramp and test vehicles up to speed and, after applying the brakes, deposited the test vehicles onto the road surface. As the wheels of the test vehicles struck the roadway they were immediately induced into a lateral rollover. The results of the testing provided a range of drag factors on asphalt and soil surfaces that can be used by Collision Reconstructionists to conduct speed analysis in rollover collisions.

Chris Romanchych, David Domoney