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Don't Forget the People! How to Engage Drivers, Passengers and Pedestrians in Road Safety Initiatives

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Date added July 10, 2018
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Category 2018 CARSP XXVIII Victoria
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Author/Auteur Hayes
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7C - Hayes


Driver education hasn't changed much in decades and the quality of courses varies widely. Most teens still learn to drive from their parents (whose skill and knowledge levels vary). Newcomers can drive almost immediately in Canada - even though rules, vehicles and conditions differ around the globe. This session focuses how to reach these hard-to-reach groups with messages that will engage them and impact their attitudes and behaviours toward driving safety.
CARSP members are working hard to prevent deaths and injuries from crashes by improving cars, roads and law enforcement - but we often overlook people. Drivers, passengers & pedestrians are the PURPOSE of road safety and teens & newcomers are among the most vulnerable groups. The objective of this session is to provide attendees with low-cost and no-cost tools and ideas to help them positively impact driver behaviour amongst two of the most vulnerable road-user groups - teens and newcomers. Vulnerable road users including teen drivers and newcomers. Interactive presentation with demonstrations of engaging activities they can use to engage and teach about seatbelts & airbags, alcohol & marijuana impairment, and other top driving risks. The audience will learn:

1. how to reach audiences who don't watch live TV, read newspapers or listen to local radio
2. how to engage them in ways they will 'hear' without preaching or finger-pointing
3. where to find free resources they can begin to use immediately