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Development of Safety Performance Functions for Network Screening on Manitoba Highways

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Date added June 18, 2014
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Category 2014 CMRSC XXIV Vancouver
Tags Research and Evaluation, Session 4C
Author/Auteur Craig Milligan
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This paper provides an overview of the development of safety performance functions SPFs for application to network screening using the Empirical Bayes (EB) approach on Manitoba Highways as an integral component of the province’s traffic safety action plan. While the EB approach to network screening has been recognized for some time as a state of the art practice, relatively few provincial-level jurisdictions have applied the approach. This paper describes the research undertaken by Manitoba Infrastructure and Transportation to develop safety performance functions. The paper provides a discussion on the following aspects of the research: data linking issues, considerations for jurisdictions with low volume roads, choice of explanatory variables in SPF modelling, dealing with measurement error in traffic volumes and in collision location accuracy, and the impact of truck traffic volumes on SPFs and network screening.  The SPFs obtained are compared to published SPFs from British Columbia, Ontario, and the Highway Safety Manual (United States). The paper provides a useful research reference case for other jurisdictions contemplating the transition to the EB approach to network screening within the broader road safety management process.

Craig Milligan