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Development of a Road Safety Audit Network Screening Tool

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Author/Auteur Paul H.A. Steel, Darel Mesher, Jeremy Adamson
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6C Steel_Development of a Road Safety Audit Network Screening Tool


The Road Safety Audit (RSA) process has been demonstrated around the world to be an
effective, proactive, safety tool which can lead to ‘safer roads and healthier communities’ by
identifying safety issues before collisions occur. Estimates of cost-benefit ratios indicate that
the benefits of the RSA process far outweigh the costs. Since their first implementation over 20
years ago the existing RSA model has changed little, relying on physical site visits and expert
analysis and recommendations. The use of asset management systems and techniques have
been universally adopted to assist road agencies in the management of their road networks,
requiring detailed roadway network inventory and condition updates on a regular basis. With
the significant technical advances in roadway data collection technology in recent years, diverse
roadway feature data can now be collected and inventoried in an automated process in
conjunction with conventional roadway network data collection activities. This paper presents
the development of an innovative automated analysis of roadway sight distance undertaken by
Alberta Transportation, and the case study of its application on the Highway 63 Fort McMurray
corridor. This new approach provides a framework for the development of the next generation
of Road Safety Audits.

Paul H.A. Steel, Darel Mesher, Jeremy Adamson