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Development of a National Voluntary Standard for Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock

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Date added June 27, 2017
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Category 2017 CARSP XXVII Toronto
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Author/Auteur Paul Boase
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In 2007 Transport Canada and the National Research Council updated a standard for the performance and testing of alcohol ignition interlocks. However, taking the documents to the next level as a formal and accepted standard which jurisdictions can use to ensure that devices allowing convicted impaired drivers on the road early in a controlled fashion proved to be more challenging. The goal was to take the documents created through the standard and internationally accepted process for the publishing of a national recognized standard under the Canada Standards Council process. The resulting standards could be referenced by jurisdictions when issuing an RFP for interlock systems in their region and provide assurances that the technology was consistent across the country. The target group is jurisdictions and authorities who must create a standard outside the typical governmental process which is published and accepted by users and the judicial system. The process is a consensus based process which is design to ensure inclusion of all the key domains interested in the outcome and to ensure that no one domain is able to have undue influence on the outcome of the process. The process also includes checks and balances in the design and publishing of the standard and a process for keeping the standard up to date in a rapidly changing technological world. A published standard that can withstand public, judicial and technical scrutiny and is able to keep the document current.

Paul Boase