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Developing a National Survey of Truck Drivers: Gathering Stakeholder Perceptions of Key Risks and Risk Factors in Collisions, Health, Safety and Wellness

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Author/Auteur Philip L. Bigelow, Diane Betts, Benjamin C. Amick, Karl Sieber, S. Hogg-Johnson, Paul Jakubicek


Truck drivers experience high rates of injury and illness, and their involvement in motor vehicle collisions can result in injuries to themselves and others sharing public highways. Despite these high rates and the risks faced by the public from truck-related motor vehicle collisions, little is known about the prevalence of factors that place truck drivers at risk of injury or collision. The operational characteristics of the trucking industry often exposes drivers to factors leading to fatigue, stress, and limited opportunities for healthy eating or exercise. They often sit for prolonged periods, and then are required to unload or load a trailer without the use of lift assist devices placing them at risk for the development of musculoskeletal disorders. The purpose of the present study was to gather information from stakeholders regarding the feasibility as well as the key content of a national survey that would address the surveillance needs of truck drivers and inform the development of programs to improve health and safety and reduce the risk of motor vehicle collisions. Semi-structured interviews were completed to gather information on the facilitators and barriers of implementing a national survey of truck drivers. Information was also obtained regarding each individual’s perception of the key information that should be included in the survey. Participants included truck drivers and occupational health and safety professionals with carriers, consulting firms, and non-profit organizations in Ontario.

Philip L. Bigelow, Diane Betts, Benjamin C. Amick, Karl Sieber, S. Hogg-Johnson, Paul Jakubicek