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Designing vehicles for an aging population - Key considerations and recommendations

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Author/Auteur Brenda H. Vrkljan, Lisa Drew, Kendal Musgrave, Jan Miller Polgar


By 2021, it is estimated that 1 in 5 drivers will be 65 years and older. This age group is at the highest risk of being injured or killed when involved in an automobile collision. Identifying vehicle features that are congruent with the needs and abilities of this growing segment of the population could have potential safety benefits. Current evidence and resources on vehicle design features for this population were compiled. Of the 189 information sources identified, 35 met the inclusion criteria. Results highlighted design features and associated recommendations that best meet the needs of older vehicle occupants. This evidence informed recommendations for vehicle design features that promote the safety of older drivers and passengers when travelling by automobile.

Brenda H. Vrkljan, Lisa Drew, Kendal Musgrave and Jan Miller Polgar