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Community Traffic Safety Meetings in Calgary

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Date added June 26, 2017
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Category 2017 CARSP XXVII Toronto
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 1A
Author/Auteur Tony Churchill
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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The City of Calgary (The City) and the Calgary Police Service (CPS) have a common interest in improving traffic safety on roads in Calgary. The City's Safer Mobility Plan 2013-2017 and the CPS's Traffic Safety Plan 2014-2017 both identify the need to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary approach. Both plans also highlight the need for improved engagement with other traffic safety organizations, communities and citizens. One of the difficulties road safety professionals face is how to communicate with the public on a regular basis and how to get information that informs how we do our work. This presentation will highlight how The City and CPS are jointly approaching engagement with communities and citizens through the Community Traffic Safety Meetings. This presentation will be of interest to government agencies and policing agencies who are wanting to engage with their communities to improve traffic safety. The meetings have a focus on two way sharing of information and on using the information shared to focus actions by all traffic safety stakeholders. The base information shared by The City and CPS is about the traffic safety plans and actions as well as how to access city services (311 program) and police services (Traffic Service Request program) between the Community Traffic Safety Meetings. The information that citizens provide is used to focus enforcement and to identify locations where specific engineering measures may be appropriate to mitigate concerns raised by citizens. A description of the focused enforcement, engineering treatments, and how these activities are communicated to citizens between annual face to face meetings will be provided in this presentation. Lessons learned and how the program has evolved and initial evaluations of the program will be the key takeaway from this session for traffic safety professionals.

Tony Churchill