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Collision Prediction Models for Quantifying the Safety Benefit of Winter Road Maintenance

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Liping Fu, Luis F. Miranda-Moreno, Taimur Usman


Winter road maintenance activities are intuitively beneficial due to their roles in maintaining the safety and mobility of highway networks under adverse winter weather conditions. There is however no robust methodology available for quantifying these benefits. This paper introduces a set of collision risk models that have the potential to address this knowledge gap. The models were developed using a unique data set containing detailed hourly records of road weather and surface conditions, traffic counts, and collisions over 31 maintenance routes from Ontario, Canada, from 2000 to 2006. The developed models are used in several case studies to show their applications for evaluating alternative winter maintenance policies and operations, such as shortening bare pavement recovery time, changing maintenance operation deployment time, and raising level of service standards.

Liping Fu, Luis F. Miranda-Moreno, Taimur Usman