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Be Truck Aware - a pilot, multi-stakeholder education and enforcement initiative to support a reduction in the incidence of crashes involving large commercial trucks and passenger vehicles.

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3B - Donnelly


In British Columbia, large trucks are involved in less than one percent of crashes, but nearly 20 percent of all fatal crashes; on average, 61 fatalities occur in crashes involving at least one large truck. In collisions between cars and large trucks, the passenger vehicle occupants are at least four times more likely to be killed than the truck driver. Studies also show that in fatal car-truck crashes, the passenger vehicle driver is at fault in at least two-thirds of the incidents.

The Be Truck Aware Alliance (the Alliance), including RoadSafetyBC, ICBC, WorkSafeBC, Justice Institute of British Columba, RCMP, Commercial Vehicle Safety & Enforcement, BC Trucking Association, Teamsters Local 31, and SafetyDriven - Trucking Safety Council of BC, developed and successfully launched an inaugural campaign to address this issue in Oct. 2017.

The long-term objective of the Alliance is to increase adoption of safe driving practices around large trucks and compliance with traffic laws. Mindful of the complex and significant effort to sustainably change driver behaviours, near-term project objectives focused on project design:

* Designing, testing and evaluating program components;
* Securing financial and in-kind support and providing a project "proof of concept";
* Gaining RoadSafetyBC's endorsement.

The framework to support project objectives included:

* Organizing, engaging and supporting a stakeholder coalition;
* Developing a charter and strategic plan, guided by data and research;
* Delivering a monitored public awareness and enforcement initiative.

The audience for this initiative includes:

* B.C. passenger car drivers;
* Commercial carriers and owner-operators;

Project activities in support of the initiative include:

* Analyzing data and evaluating similar programs;
* Developing a strategic and tactical plan;
* Developing a public outreach strategy framework and original content;
* Implementing a coordinated earned and social media marketing plan;
* Hosting a campaign launch event;
* Providing aligned law enforcement support.

Completed outputs for the project include the following:

* A charter that addressed project assumptions, scope, budget, governance and project risks and mitigations;
* A crash and claims data report;
* A driver perception survey;
* An earned, social media and event marketing plan;
* Marketing communication collateral;
* A media event, documented social media activities and Facebook paid advertising;
* An enforcement activity summary;
* A project close report.

The results of this pilot initiative will be analyzed and inform a to-be-developed business case for sustainable multi-year project funding. Among other details, the "lessons learned" by the Alliance include:

* The importance of a multi-organizational approach;
* The need for improved data and driver behaviour information;
* The critical importance of law enforcement participation;
* The benefits of customized communication materials;
* The significance of real-time tracking analysis of social media content.

Subject to stakeholder support and approval, the Alliance will work to increase awareness and adoption of safe driving practices by:

* Delivering an information and enforcement campaign in late 2018;
* Increasing program reach or improve end-user targeting through improved paid, earned and social marketing activities and event management tactics;
* Evaluating law enforcement tactics and their required level of support;
* Conducting further data analysis, market and driver behaviour research.