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Adoption of Highway Safety Manual Methodologies for Safety Performance Assessment of Ontario Highway Segments

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Bhagwant Persaud, Yongsheng Chen, Ali Sabbaghi, Craig Lyon


This paper is based on a project that assessed implementation requirements for Ministry of Transportation, Ontario (MTO) for the recently released Highway Safety Manual (HSM). It serves as an illustration of what it takes for other Canadian jurisdictions to assess their own implementation requirements for this tool. The focus is on a key application of interest to MTO -- the evaluation of the safety impacts of alternative design scenarios using an algorithm that applies collision models and collision modification factors (CMFs). Overall, the recalibration of the HSM algorithm for rural two-lane and multilane segments, the two facility types addressed in this paper, was successful. For individual variables for which CMFs are available, however, there is some demonstrable bias indicating that the CMFs could be improved upon for the Ontario application.

Bhagwant Persaud, Yongsheng Chen, Ali Sabbaghi, Craig Lyon