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A taxonomy of countermeasures for cyclict-vehicle crashes

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As downtown areas continue to grow, residents are encouraged to use alternative modes of transportation, inducing cycling. Therefore, cycling is experiencing a growth, mainly in urban areas. Although cycling offers significant health, cost, and time benefits, cyclist safety within motor vehicle traffic appears to be deteriorating. Traffic injuries and fatalities have been declining in general, but the number of cyclists who die or are severely injured in crashes has been increasing. This increase in cyclist injuries/fatalities is likely due to the existing vehicle, infrastructure, and policy designs failing to facilitate the increase in cycling volume. We present a review of countermeasures suggested or implemented to improve cycling safety and propose a taxonomy dividing these countermeasures into three design categories: gear/vehicle, infrastructure, and policy. The scope was restricted to cyclist-driver interactions since bicycle-bicycle and bicycle-pedestrian collisions tend to be less severe. Based on the somewhat limited evidence reported in the literature, it appears that infrastructure design solutions are the most effective. We present an overview of the available evidence and also highlight countermeasures that require further evaluation.