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A new Chapter in TCP training - Updates to BC's TCP training program

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Date added June 29, 2016
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Category 2016 CARSP XXVI Halifax
Tags Policy and Practice, Session 1A
Author/Auteur Sarina Hanschke
Stream/Volet Policy and Practice

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Background/Context: BC has had standardized high-risk TCP training since 2003. Following a stakeholder review in 2012 feedback proposed a review and update of the program.
Through research and survey of numerous stakeholders of the program there have been concerns and recommendations raised.
To address the concerns, the traffic control person course has been built upon to place extra emphasis on the following three topics: Driver behavior, communication, and risk assessment. The focus on these items is an effort to bring about better oriented TCP with a heightened situational awareness of themselves to the hazards within their work environment and effectively communicate and guide all road users within their zone of control.
Aims/Objectives: - standardize and increase the quality of training (and instructional skills)
- foster learning environment that appeals to all types of learners
- create ways to simulate field scenarios to train critical thinking skills
- provide instructors with cr
Methods/Target Group: - training appealing to all target and stakeholder groups:
- those new to the construction industry
- all types of learners
- those with experience in the construction industry
- BC road builders and ministry of transportation
Results/Activities: - surveying industry on proposed changes to program
- updating criteria for new instructors
- partnering with the Instructional Skills network to accredit TCP instructor training promoting further professional development
- researching and liaising wi
Discussion/Deliverables: -better oriented TCP
- increase TCP ability to spot, mitigate and communicate hazards
- increase knowledge and adherence to the regulation and standards
- decrease injury rates
- enhance Participant manual, Instructors manual and TCP procedures fiel

Sarina Hanschke