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A Framework for Conducting Sustainable Transportation Assessments for Neighbourhoods (STAN)

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Category 2012 CMRSC XXII Banff
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Author/Auteur Jason Dunn, Gregory Ablett, Sarah Rocchi


Traffic calming, techniques used to slow or reduce the volume of motor traffic on local streets, has met with challenges in recent years. Two issues have become evident and increasingly recurring: the process is seen as reactive, and often creates divisions among neighbours, with many typical solutions (traffic circles, speed humps, closures, etc.) deeply unpopular; and second, the roots of the neighbourhood concerns quite often reveal underlying structural problems, such as a lack of connectivity and pedestrian facilities, and personal security concerns - solutions for which are typically outside the scope of the traditional toolbox of traffic calming measures.

At its core, the STAN framework is a straightforward process. The underlying contributing factors of a particular traffic issue are determined by the collection and analysis of traffic and active transportation data, consultation with the public, and a site visit where appropriate. Depending on these factors, the framework presents a range of solutions whereby the impact to traffic by means of physical measures is limited.

Jason Dunn, Gregory Ablett, Sarah Rocchi