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A Driver Intent-Based Collision Avoidance System

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Author/Auteur Scott Miller


Vehicle collision avoidance systems are a promising new technology in increasing traffic safety through the detection and evasion of obstacles on the road. While a variety of systems have been proposed to increase driver safety, these systems have only included an analysis of potential collisions
from the detection of objects around them. These systems are therefore limited to reacting to situations as they are detected from the point-of-view of the vehicle employing the system. Proposed is a Driver Intent-based Collision Evasion System (DICE-System or DICE-S) that uses wireless inter-vehicle communication as well as an estimation of driver intent computed from a driver's behaviour. These predicted intents can be transmitted between vehicles and used in computations based on the intent of the primary vehicle's driver, neighbour drivers, and even infrastructure (i.e. the state of signal lights) in order to prevent collisions. A system using driver intent and communication between vehicles can provide an enhanced means of avoiding collisions as the system can be proactive instead of reactive and avoid a dangerous situation before it occurs.

Scott Miller