Young Professionals’ Committee (YPC)

Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision Statement

The Young Professionals' Committee believes that young people can work together to make our roads safe for all Canadians.

Mission Statement

To reduce the incidence of road traffic related injuries and fatalities on Canadians and to build capacity for the road safety profession by generating awareness, advocating for evidence-based public policy and programming, and creating a national network of young road safety professionals.


The YPC aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Goal #1:   To generate awareness of  youth road safety issues in Canada, and to advocate for evidence-based public policy and programming with federal, provincial, and municipal governments, and non-governmental agencies, associations, and organizations.
  • Goal #2:   To establish a national network of young Canadian road safety professionals and advocates.
  • Goal #3:   To promote and increase awareness of the United Nations Youth Road Safety Declaration among federal and provincial policy makers as well as the general public.