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CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award

The CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award for Road Safety is presented annually to individuals who have made a positive impact on road safety in Canada. Candidates will have had a career in this field (past/present) and have also made contributions to the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals.

Nomination Criteria:

1. The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to someone who is nearing retirement or is retired.
2. He/she would have made significant contributions to the field of road safety in Canada and to CARSP (minimum 15 years in the field).
3. They need to have been a CARSP member at some point, but not necessarily at the time of the award nomination or presentation.

Presentation at the 2017 CARSP Conference
Three individuals received the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional's Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2017 CARSP Conference.  They are...

Dr. David Wiesenthal was awarded the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional's Lifetime Achievement Award.  David’s career spans 46 years, starting as a Postdoctoral Fellow and Special Lecturer at York University in 1970 and continuing to his retirement in 2016 as Professor Emeritus and Senior Scholar. He has served on a wide variety of committees within York University.

His research addressed a number of social issues relevant to applied psychology, including blood donation, vandalism, scientific racism and violence in sport, however, his most prolific research was in the area of road safety, particularly in the areas of driver stress and aggression, driver distraction and street racing. His published work includes more than 60 journal articles and 18 book chapters and more than 160 workshops and conference presentations.
He has contributed greatly to the next generation of road safety advocates and served on the Board of Directors between 2009 and 2015.


Ms. Anne Leonard was awarded the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional's Lifetime Achievement Award.  Anne Leonard, recently retired as the Executive Director of arrive alive DRIVE SOBER in Ontario has a career that spans 20 years. Starting out as a volunteer with the Ontario Community Council on Impaired Driver, she became the founding member and eventually the President of arrive alive DRIVE SOBER. Anne has been tireless in her passion for impaired driver awareness both within Ontario and across Canada. She has worked with multiple organizations, including Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving, Action Sudbury, Student Life, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Ontario Provincial Police and many other organizations. Anne’s organization has played a key role in Ontario in changing the attitudes and perceptions towards impaired drivers. She has received a number of awards, including the Regional Commander’s Award from Toronto Police, the 2016 Public Safety Award of Excellence, and two Road Safety Achievement Awards presented by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. She continues to volunteer with the organization after her retirement in January 2017.



Dr. Alison Smiley was awarded the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional's Lifetime Achievement Award. Alison is the current President of Human Factors North, based in Toronto, Ontario, a position she has served in for the past 32 years. Her many accomplishments include serving as an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department for the past 24 years, organizing and conducting a number of workshops in Canada and the United States on road safety/human factors, publishing more than 50 academic articles, and writing several book chapters, and producing more than 100 reports and conference presentations. She is widely sought after as a expert witness in traffic accidents. Alison has won a number of awards, in the field of road safety and human factors, including the A.R. Lauer Safety Award given by the US Human Factors and Ergonomics Society.




Presentation at the 2015 CARSP Conference
Dr. Dan Mayhew was awarded the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Daniel R. Mayhew is Senior Research Scientist and Advisor at TIRF and has 35-years of experience in the traffic safety field. A major focus of his work involves young and novice drivers, driver education and training, GDL systems, driver improvement, senior drivers, and commercial truck driver safety.
Dan is internationally recognized for his achievements and has managed projects and consulted with governments in North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe on these road safety topics.
Dan is a member and past chair of the U.S. Transportation Research Board (TRB) committee on Operator Education and Regulations, and a member of the TRB sub-committee on Young Drivers. He recently served as deputy chair of the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland (CARRS-Q) external review panel.

Presentations at CMRSC 2013
Bob Dewar

(L-R) Marlene Anderson (Office of Traffic Safety), Mary Lou Dewar, Bob Dewar, Jeanette Espie (Office of Traffic Safety)

Dr. Robert (Bob) Dewar was awarded the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professional's Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bob received a Ph.D. in Psychology in 1965. He taught psychology at the University of Calgary from 1965 to 1990. He is now President of his own consulting firm, Western Ergonomics, Inc., specializing in driver behavior and traffic safety.

Bob was unable to attend the Montreal conference,  so the award was presented to him in Alberta by Jeanette Espie, Executive Director for the Office of Traffic Safety.

Michel Gou

(L-R) Michel Gou, Mavis Johnson (CARSP President), Jeff Suggett

Professor Michel Gou was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.  Michel is a member of faculty in the Machine Design Section of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at École Polytechnique, Montréal.  He is also the Director of École Polytechnique's Road Safety Team that has worked to improve road and motor vehicle safety for the past 30 years.

The Board Member Appreciation Award was given to Jeff Suggett, a Senior Transportation Planner with Associated Engineering, St. Catharines, Ontario.  The Board thanked Jeff for all his contributions over the 10 years he served on the Board.

CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award (Previous Years)

2012 (Banff) Mr. Joseph Chan
2011 (Halifax) Dr. Alan German
2010 (Niagara Falls) Founding Fellows:

Dr. Robert Baird

Dr. Brian Jonah

Dr. Claire Laberge-Nadeau

Mr. Tom Beckett

Mr. Peter Cooper

Dr. Ezra Hauer

Dr. Bill Mulligan

Mr. John Read

Mr. Carl Shiels

Dr. Albert Stevens

Mr. Ken O’Brien

2009 (Saskatoon) Dr. Jim Bancroft
2008 (Whistler) Dr. Mary Chipman