The Standards Council of Canada – Seeking Feedback on ISO’s Proposal for Development of New Standards Committee on Consumer Incident Investigation Guidelines

March 12, 2020   |   Categories: CARSP News, News

Dear Potential Stakeholder,

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is seeking feedback on ISO’s proposal for the development of a new standards committee on Consumer incident investigation guidelines. The purpose of this inquiry is to consult with Canadian stakeholders to develop a national position on the proposal, and to determine if there is interest in participating in the work should it be approved.

Purpose and justification for new field of activity - Consumer incidents are incidents where consumers suffer or may suffer physical injury or death in the process of using products, services, facilities or the things related to them. Consumer incident investigation means an investigation aiming to prevent incident recurrence, and to contribute to the safety of consumers. Incident / accident manuals and guidelines describing methods of investigation exist for aircraft, occupational and medical incidents. Even though these fields are different, the commonality is that they should all aim to investigate the root cause and contributing factors of the incident, focussing less on who was responsible but leading to proposals to prevent recurrence.

Scope of proposed technical activityThe scope of the proposal addresses general incidents, where consumers have or might have become victims. It is important to note that the intended definition of the word incidents is to include incidents that could have resulted in injury, illness, damage to health or fatality as well as accidents and incidents that did result in injury, illness, damage to health or fatality. This guideline is aimed for providing a general guideline of incident investigation that contributes to prevention of recurrence. The assumed users of this guideline are those who conduct incident investigations that have a goal of preventing recurrence of consumer incidents in any persons and in any organizations including individuals, groups, companies, administrative organizations.

The accompanying concept paper recognizes the help of Canadian expert Ms. Norma McCormick and her reference to CSA Z1005-17 on Incident investigation. The other two documents referred to in the concept paper are the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety’s document entitled Incident Investigation and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents’ Investigating Accidents.

Comments requestedSCC values your feedback on this proposal. Stakeholders are invited to consider whether or not they agree with the proposal by completing this brief stakeholder feedback form:

Deadline for survey submission: April 22, 2020

To find out more about the benefits of participation, see:

For any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me Quinn Redekop

Learn more here...NWIP-Consumer_incident_investigation_guideline_with_explanatory_annex_for_submission_rev2

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