Call for Nominations for CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award for Road Safety in Canada

March 4, 2020   |   Categories: CARSP News, News

We are now accepting nominations for the prestigious CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award.   The CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award for Road Safety is presented annually to individuals who have made a positive impact on road safety in Canada.  Candidates will have had a career in this field (past/present) and have also made contributions to the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals.

Nomination Criteria:  

  1. The Lifetime Achievement Award goes to someone who is nearing retirement or is retired.
  2. He/she would have made significant contributions to the field of road safety in Canada (minimum 15 years in the field).
  3. He/she would have been a CARSP member at some point, but not necessarily at the time of the award nomination or presentation.
  4. He/she would have contributed to CARSP in a significant way.

Nominee Information Requirements: (600 word limit)

  1. Nominee Name, Current Title, Current Organization, Province/Territory
  2. Number of Years nominee has served with the current or last organization
  3. List of the positions the nominee has held with other road safety organizations, associations, or academia, and number of years served with each.
  4. Describe the contributions made by the nominee to road safety and/or to reductions in road fatalities and injury crashes in Canada. Some examples are:
    • Any note-worthy road safety accomplishment(s). Examples include: the development of a road safety plan, policy or road safety initiative, and research that contributes to promoting road safety.
    • A role the nominee has played in influencing others to uphold road safety principles and priorities.
  5. Describe all of the contributions made to CARSP. Examples include:
    • Served on the CARSP Board of Directors or CARSP Editorial Board (i.e. for the Safety Network Newsletter),
    • Participated as any of the following in the CARSP Conference: Keynote Speaker, Panelist or Presenter, played a key role in securing sponsorship funds or exhibitors for the conference, Sponsor and/or Exhibitor, and served on the Conference Organizing Committee.
    • Served on any of CARSP’s sub-committees.
  6. Please provide any documentation you think would support this decision.   The 600-word limit does NOT apply to any supplemental documents provided.
  7. Describe any road safety awards the nominee has received.

Nominator Information Requirements: (if this is a self-nomination, please indicate that)

  • Name, Title, Organization, phone and email.

Nominations Deadline:  April 6, 2020

Email submissions to 

Questions to or 905-348-1376


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