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(English) Road Safety and the Design Build Project

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Date ajoutée 8 mai 2011
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Catégorie 2011 CMRSC XXI Halifax
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Author/Auteur Guinevere Ngau, Margaret Parkhill, Félix Marré


The RSA process allows for an independent Safety Audit Team to conduct a human factors based safety performance examination of a future facility that is being designed and constructed. The independence of the Safety Audit Team from the developers and the designers and their specialized skill set is a key component of the RSA process. In completing an RSA, it is important to explicitly define the terms under which the audit process will operate and roles of the Safety Audit Team. In the design-build process, the entire design is not complete prior to the progression to other stages in the project. This was a challenge that was addressed in our RSA approach.

Guinevere Ngau, Margaret Parkhill, Félix Marré