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Une analyse economique du dispositif de controle automatise de la vitesse en France

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Date ajoutée 7 juin 2009
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Catégorie 2009–CCMSR–XIX–Saskatoon
Tags Session 2A
Author/Auteur Laurent Carnis


Road accidents are tragic expressions of the social cost for road mobility. The implementation of an automated speed enforcement system (ASES) constitutes an efficient means to reduce damages implied by road accidents. However to deploy and to manage such a programme is costly. A trade-off has to be found between costs induced by the working of the system and the benefits obtained by the reduction of the number of accidents and victims. This contribution proposes an economic approach of the French ASES. The first section presents its working, its organization and the strategic orientations decided by the French authorities. It develops also a theoretical framework to understand the effects of this programme. The second section is concerned with an economic approach of the French ASES. It is then conceived as a productive process of deterrence. This section analyses also the amount of its costs and its benefits.

Laurent Carnis