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City of Calgary

CARSP Conference

CARSP Conference 2019

May 26-29, 2019 - Calgary, Alberta - Hotel Arts

Theme: Vision Zero

Join us in May for the 2019 CARSP Conference where the theme will be Vision Zero. The trend of Canadian provinces and municipalities adopting Vision Zero as their road safety or transportation strategy, and the corresponding need this has created for clarification, sharing and inspiring change related to the Vision Zero approach, is the driving force behind the 2019 theme. Vision Zero got its roots in Sweden, where the approach has resulted in noteworthy successes – Sweden has one of the lowest annual rates of road deaths in the world (2.8 out of 100,000 as compared to 6.0 in Canada and 10.6 in the United States). Fatalities involving pedestrians have also fallen, by almost 50% in the last 5 years. Now, this approach is catching on throughout North America, with the hopes of achieving similar success. The focus of the conference will be on clarifying what a North-American version of Vision Zero should and shouldn’t look like, what strategies have worked, lessons learned, and lastly will look to the future in terms of where we need to go. These aspects of Vision Zero will be explored by means of plenary and panel sessions.

As always, our Call for Abstracts welcomes submissions from a broad array of road safety topics. We welcome abstracts from both practitioners (i.e. those who are delivering programs or writing policy), and researchers/evaluators.

CARSP believes that Calgary is an excellent choice to host a conference with this theme as Vision Zero is introduced and refined in Canada. The City of Calgary recently won the 2017 Institute of Transportation Engineers Planning Council Best Project Award for their pedestrian strategy—Step Forward and will be moving forward with a traffic safety plan for 2018-2022 with a strengthened focus on Vision Zero. Edmonton was the first Canadian municipality to officially adopt Vision Zero in 2015. The Province of Alberta has much to offer to those interested in better understanding and employing Vision Zero. The province has been moving from Safe Systems to a Vision Zero Approach. In 2007, Alberta was also the first province to have a Traffic Safety Plan. While many lessons will be drawn from within Alberta, other Canadian cities’ and provinces’ progress will also be highlighted.

Who Should Go to the CARSP Conference?

The conference is aimed at road safety practitioners from many disciplines, including, but not limited to:  health professionals, engineers, government officials, crash re-constructionists, insurers, researchers, and enforcement personnel.  The goal of the work of these professionals is the same, regardless of the type of work they do, and that is to make our roads safer.

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