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Mavis Johnson Traffic Safety Award

The Mavis Johnson Award and the Policy and Practice Stream: A New Award and a New Stream

The Mavis Johnson Award is the award for best paper in the Policy and Practice Stream at the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference (CMRSC).  Both the Policy and Practice Stream and the Mavis Johnson Award are being launched at the 2014 CMRSC.

Rationale for Policy and Practice Stream and the Mavis Johnson Award…

For the 2013 CMRSC and prior, solely the Charles H. Miller award was awarded. The Charles H. Miller Award has been awarded annually since 2001, for the best paper in the Research and Evaluation Stream. Over the past few years, however, conference planning committees became aware of a considerable amount of road safety related activity, that is not research or evaluation, in which attendees at CMRSC are interested, particularly those who are road safety practitioners. This program-related activity includes legislation, policy development, regulation, enforcement, education, training, assessment/rehabilitation, and community or stakeholder engagement. Some of these program related papers have been presented at CMRSC in the past but it has been difficult to evaluate them for the Charles H. Miller Award given their nature. It is for this reason that the Policy and Practice Stream and the Mavis Johnson Award were started.

About Mavis Johnson…

Mavis Johnson is the Founder and President of the Canadian Traffic Safety Institute. She has been involved in road safety in the UK and Canada for almost 45 years.

She continues to take a leadership role in road safety across Canada in various positions and in the last ten years has also undertaken many international road safety projects in developing and rapidly motorizing nations, especially in low and middle income countries. Her major focus is in strategic road safety planning.

She has been recognized on several occasions by the Institute of Transportation Engineers in British Columbia and Canada by receiving their Distinguished Achievement and Lifetime Achievement Awards. More recently she was recognized through the Canadian Transportation Awards program with an Award of Excellence for her outstanding contribution to road safety.

Previous winners of the Mavis Johnson Award