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CARSP – Vehicle Safety Enhancement Award

CARSP - Vehicle Safety Enhancement Award

Special Award for Students

The competition is now open!
Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 17, 2021 (Extended)

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This year, a special award is being offered to the top student paper that uses Canadian motor vehicle collision data and/or motor vehicle crash test data to promote enhanced safety.

The basic form of the special award will be a cash prize of $1,000.00 to the winning student author who incorporates either motor vehicle collision data or motor vehicle crash test data into their paper. If, however, the student incorporates both types of data into their paper, an additional $1,000 will be awarded to the student ($2,000 in total).  The award recipient will also receive complimentary conference registration to the CARSP/PRI 2021 Joint Virtual Conference from August 22-25, 2021, where the recipient will be asked to present their work.  Also, your paper, should it not win, will automatically be considered for the Student Paper Competition.

The specific criteria for the special award are as follows:

  1. Papers must be co-authored by a student registered at a Canadian university.
  2. To be eligible for the special award, papers must use [1] any Canadian motor vehicle collision data (e.g. police-reported or in-depth crash investigations) and/or [2] Canadian-sponsored motor vehicle crash test data, as the basis for the analysis conducted and the conclusions reached.
  3. The research must use these data to identify potential improvements in motor vehicle safety, including, but not limited to improvements in vehicle design and construction, enhancements to vehicle safety systems, or reductions in the occurrence or severity of injuries resulting from motor vehicle crashes.
  4. Eligible papers will be subject to review by a panel of subject matter experts who will decide which, if any, of the eligible submissions merits receiving the special award.

Papers should be written and formatted according to CARSP Conference requirements, which can be found at Both English and French entries will be accepted.

Authors should complete the online submission form and upload their paper by Monday, May 17, 2021 (Extended). All entries will be judged by an expert panel of road safety professionals and the results will be announced by June 21, 2021.

We encourage you to also enter the CARSP Student Paper Competition and the general Call for Abstracts for the conference (provided you meet the deadline).  We also encourage you to enter the Student Poster Competition.  Please note that students will only be eligible to win one prize for each original work submitted.  If a student does win multiple awards, by default the student will receive the award with the highest cash prize.  Furthermore, students will need to submit applications and associated requirements for each competition entered.


If you have any questions, please contact Robert Colonna at

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